June 30, 2010

29 June. Annual Birthday Celebration of Prince Albert II in Paris

Annual Birthday Celebration of Prince Albert II organized by embassy took place in LE PRE CATELAN - lovely pavilion in Bois de Boulogne. Indeed this annual birthday celebration in June is more little party then actual celebration. Because of course Prince didn't join our party and on top his birthday actually 14 March :-))).
By the way we had something to celebrate this time :-)): the Royal engagement. “The prince’s palace announced on Wednesday, June 23, 2010, the engagement of his Royal Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco with Mademoiselle Charlene Wittstock,” a palace statement said.

The evening was lovely. I had my own Prince Charming - Wonderful Metre Pierre Cornette de Saint-Cyr this evening. Very famous in modern art and .... like Prince Albert II being best friend of all pretty girls in France , he deserves this title - Prince Charming :-)))))))))))))).
By the way it doesn't bother me much because he's kindest open hearted man in Paris. And of course so charming. I treasure much his friendship :-))).

Ministers, military - the evening was fully equipped with :-))). Probably that's why it was so adorable. Happy birthday, Prince!

June 24, 2010

24 June. Exhibition in Galeries Lafayette and Summer party at BHV Homme

This is fashion time in Paris. No doubt that I'm going to tell you little stories about big famous event and about small private events for Princesses :-).
Tonight it was absolutely lovely exhibition at Galeries Lafayette - famous biggest and fanciest store in Paris. This summer Galeries Lafayette presents creation in highly imaginative fields of art fashion and design of Vanessa Bruno. "Exhibition Carte Blanche for Vanessa Bruno" will be open from 25 June to 14 August for everyone :-). Go and see - breathtaking.

Then by chance I hoped at the Summer Party in another big store in Paris - BHV. This time the BHV HOMME (special section for men) trough away the Summer Party and opening of spacial section. You may say - YES, quasi modern atmosphere of evening made you feel like you are already somewhere on beach... palm trees, mojito.... - exactly what every modern Princess needs in hot evening in Paris :-)))).

June 19, 2010

RUNWAY Vincent Mazzotta aka Vincent Midnight - fetish oriented blogger

Vincent Midnight aka Vincent Midnight, owner of the blog www.runwaylive.com - fetish, sado-masochist oriented online media, received CASE AND DESIST from WIPO and USPTO trademark registration offices on using the name RUNWAY / RUNWAY MAGAZINE at the end of 2015, after several attempts to register his trademarks. 
He illegally continues use the name RUNWAY / RUNWAY MAGAZINE on public, and regularly publishes disinformation about real RUNWAY MAGAZINE. 
Eleonora de Gray never worked for this blog or any division of this blog. 

He has no legal rights on the name use. Anyone acting with him or on his behalf in USA or Europe is committing Trademark fraud, and will be prosecuted in the full extent of WIPO law. 

This document is available to public on WIPO and USPTO official web-sites for the trademark registered at the end of 2013 on the name of Runway Beauty / Vincent Mazzotta.



Legal note

Media Group ELEONORA DE GRAY use RUNWAY / RUNWAY MAGAZINE name on public since 1995.
Media Group ELEONORA DE GRAY registered trademarks since 2013:

4044982 ® Runway Magazine 
4238028 ® RUNWAY
4240206 ® Runway Magazine 
4044984 ® Runway Magazine France 
4044985 ® Runway France 

RUNWAY MAGAZINE. 16 June. Magnifi'Scence par Thierry Prouvost in Hotel Lotti

My dear friend Thierry Provoust organized absolutely wonderful event: Magnifi'Scence in Hotel Lotti. There were involved many different countries and many different companies. This evening was about special way of science and photography.
The most fascinating was this photo. The great invention of Jacques Honvault - science in photography.
The orange was dropped in aquarium. The heat of human fingers captured on this photo. You can see like water still keeps air from heat of human. WOW!
There's no photoshop or any computer technology involved. All pictures are made in real life.
And of course it was wonderful gathering. I always enjoy being among my friends :-).
Never miss dinner after :-).

RUNWAY MAGAZINE. 13 June. Prix de Diane 2010

The most of the hot event of the summer it's Prix de Diane on Hippodrome of Chantilly. Ladies in hats gentlemen are in smokings like in all good times :-)))))... all good times - so classy, so fabulous.
The Prix de Diane, sometimes referred to as the French Oaks, is a Group 1 flat horse race in France which is open to three-year-old thoroughbred fillies. It is run at Chantilly over a distance of 2,100 metres (about 1 mile and 2½ furlongs), and it is scheduled to take place each year in June.
The event was inspired by the Oaks Stakes in England, and it was named after the mythological goddess Diana (French name Diane). It was first run on May 18, 1843, and it was originally restricted to horses born and bred in France. Its distance was set at 2,100 metres, which is around 300 metres shorter than that of the English Oaks.
Voila - the history :-). Until now we enjoy it! I'll keep down on page the video for a while - such wonderful memories...

RUNWAY MAGAZINE. 7 June. Soirée annuelle Opus in Fide 2010 à l'Interallié.

It was absolutely lovely evening in Cercle Interallier of Opus in Fide. Opus in Fide is organization guided by Benoît Duchatelet about network and business. There were presented several companies, Polo club, musician and artists.
I'll keep video from this evening too :-)))). So enjoyable evening.

RUNWAY MAGAZINE. May-June. Henri IV and Metterrand, Gentils Hommes in Senate, and Nocturne Rive Droite

14 May. 400 years Celebrating King Henry IV.

Henry IV - one of the most famous kings in the history of France, well-loved for his quote about “chicken in the pot”, renowned for his white plume and known by the legendary nickname, “the Green gallant”, Henry IV was also the King of the Edict of Nantes, which granted Protestants the freedom to worship - a monarch keen to reconstruct the kingdom that had been devastated by previous wars.
2010 is a year to pay tribute to Henry IV of France and Navarre, who was assassinated by Ravaillac upon leaving the Louvre Palace in Paris, on 14th May 1610.
A number of events are scheduled throughout the country during this anniversary year. The most fancy event was Illumination show in front of monument of Henri IV on Pont Neuf in Paris in presents of Minister of culture Frederic Metterrand, Louis XX Bourbon-Parme (if France was still kingdom he could be the king), Princess Constance de Bourbon-Parme, Prince Charles-Emmanuel de Boubon-Parme, Prince Jean de France Duc de Vendôme and fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

On previous picture you may see Frederic Miterrand, Louis XX.
And now splendid photo below of all celebrities who were presented:
Princess Constance de Bourbon-Parme, Prince Charles-Emmanuel de Boubon-Parme, Frederic Miterrand, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Prince Jean de France Duc de Vendôme, Louis XX. Good looking group :-).

And some pictures of the evening with my friends, with fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, and with extraordinary writer about Royal families scandalous Gonzague Saint Bris :-).

22 May. Club Dinner in Senate of "Gentle Men".

Parisian club of "Gentle Men" - Cercle des Gentils Hommes exists for quiet long time and has reputation of private club who involved with Orders de Malta, claim chivalry and focus on the preservation of traditional moral, historical, cultural and represents the European nobility, taken in all its branches. The specificity of the Circle is to admit, in addition to members of the old French nobility, those of the nobility conferred by the sovereign heads of houses, or by a foreign authority legitimate, and those of the nobility continued.
I like to be there surrounded by knights of honor and Russian Princes. It's definitely what every Princess wants to be cared by wonderful men around :-).

2 June. Nocturne Rive Droite 2010

I believe I should be precise from this event in June - the most of wonderful event in France about art. It's firework of art in Paris actually. Would you imagine all over the streets you have red carpets, all galleries are open, everywhere champagne, friends, artists. It happens ones a year around one week. One day - left side of Seine and another day - right side of Seine... Fascinating :-).
Every year I enjoy it so much.