\ RUNWAY MAGAZINE ®: July 2010

July 9, 2010

8 July. Flowers and Colors, Kenzo and Murano.

Last day of fashion week was very long.
At first I came to see the new collection of Claudia Szerer was very flery and colorful. Her hand-painted chiffon pieces are inspired by the colorful world of flowers. Her gowns highlight the line of the female figure. Silhouettes are shapely in a subtle, aerodynamic way - sex appeal. With softness and movement, Szerer's collection pays homage to the woman and her beauty. Her designs are also edgy in supple and crinkle silk chiffon, hand-painted chiffon, intricate hand embroideries, lace, silk satin Lycra and techno silk.
Collection for real Princess. The show took place at La Maison de l'Amérique Latine (the House of Latin America) and I saw there 2 Princesses who came to enjoy the show. Also I noticed journalist of Vogue magazine who took little notes... something to think about.
Personally me - I prefer her white dresses. Girls look like fairytale fairies :-).

One certain style of life - exhibition of one of the greatest fashion designers KENZO who left his Japanese stamp on fashion colorful papyrus in gallery STUDIO 55 - Pierre Cardin gallery - another great fashion designer. Being sweet I'd like to mention the gallery manager Emmanuel de Brantes :-). Yesterday was last day of the exhibition and little cocktail. Kenzo Takada came to spent little time among his friends in gallery.
It's been a while that Kenzo decided to leave fashion word and start to paint. The new theme of his paintings - masks. He said that - no matter how old we are or how sad we are, we could have mask always smiling and with no wrinkles - sign of perfection being. It's like symbol of eternity on Japanese way :-). Being inspired by travels and different culture, Kenzo Takada gave his heart and mind to colors and flowers. You can see on his paintings African motives, Russian ornaments, Mexican tissues all mixed together in one story about men. Each of his painting look a little like self-portrait. And when I asked him why? He said that no matter where you look - you see yourself, you can't see more then you already have even if you study. I do it all my life :-))).

Images of KENZO collection by Jade - editor of Thai Catwalk.

Little tour at the gallery to see fashion creations of Pierre Cardin with friends, and go to finish last day of Haute Couture Fashion Week at the private party in Hotel Murano for fancy dinner :-).

Dinner with friends at "Karin models" - Parisian modeling agency - Private party at Hotel Murano organized by Thibaut Faucon was very refreshing and lovely. The dinner was in the benefit of that nonprofit organization Association d'aide aux enfants de Sierra Leone - AESL.
Many friends and some celebrities came to the dinner-party to enjoy the evening together.
Funky feeling and Happy End of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

July 8, 2010

7 July. Xuan-Thu Nguyen - snow collection, hot dogs and some snacks

So we are in middle of fashion week.
Fashion show of Xuan-Thu Nguyen - fashion designer what I adored a lot this season because of unusual snow play in style of Chanel was done in very artistic way.
Xuan-Thu Nguyen keeps different elements of seasons, mixes them, plays with them. Melting ice and freezing sand are 2 elements in her new collection. Xuan-Thu Nguyen inspired by snowballs what give us feeling of happy memories, she mixes colors: pure white and blue glacial with gold and purple. Pieces of "linen fur" ornamented by flowers and drops of icy crystals makes collection real hot :-)))).

My friends.... Michel Dupre - fashion designer and stylist, created brand "Dupre Santabarbara". Armed with an unusual design philosophy – to transform hosiery into high-fashion confections, by mixing it with fabrics, characteristic of the Haute couture or the high-fashion ready-to-wear, the design duo went on to new creative shapes, playing with elasticity, fineness, transparency, patchworks and "trompe l’oeil" works. The result, a "Black Widow" signature look that conveys the spirit of a woman with mystic sensuality and a fiery refinement, who livens up established conventions.
I presented him at Paris Fashion Academy Award last year. You can see his last collection on site of Paris Fashion Academy.

The director of the show and great support - amazingly stylish man what I had pleasure to meet there Dexter Dex Tao, who happened to be friend of Franck Clere - redactor and chef "Fashion's Life" - "Moon One" TV. Darlings.... darlings... :-))))))))))

Now... some fancy pieces of past days....
My photo with granddaddy :-)... some lovely dresses of my friends - fashion designers performed at Foquuet's restaurant and.....

Paris like all big cities in Europe famous by their performers. Not as much as in Italy but still :-).... During the fashion week "special" fashion performers come to perform before big shows like Dior or Chanel to take advantage of crowd and to keep a little attention to themselves - to profit. Probably just to earn some money... They blocked the entrance and were escorted out by Police. Indeed they were so vicious to be wanted by fashion but in fact they started to be "WANTED" by Police.
It was amusing... one of the performers was Larisa Katz who promotes herself like fashion genius. Being honest I presented her too at Paris Fashion Academy but I also escorted her our from all publicity when I realized that she came to profit. Am I police in fashion now? :-))))))))