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August 27, 2015

Mademoiselle de Gray. Fashion Shooting in Orleans by Association Coeur Rose

© Mademoiselle de GRAY
Luxury Edition
of Runway France

CEO / Editor-in-Chief
Eleonora de Gray
Executive Director / Director of Production
Guillaumette Duplaix

Sound Mix: Stig Andreas Fostervold

Vin Tage Tran

Birocratic - Sombre, Green

Fashion Shooting in Orleans
by Anti-Cancer

Emilie Dias
President of association Cœur Rose
Ivan Franchet

Clavelle - Julien Boudet
Fraise au loup – Céline Perot
Mary Mystery Couture – Marie Boissonnet

Laëtitia Coiffure Esthétique – Laëtitia Cauvet
Hair dresser:
Eight – Marina Cholet

Special thanks:
Musée du Cirque et de l’illusion – Remy Demantes

Lexus France – Groupe Bernier Orléans

© All rights reserved

August 16, 2015

Shooting with Baby Lion by anti-cancer association "Coeur Rose"

Magic shooting in Musée du cirque et de l'illusion
Priceless connection... so so touching.
Great thanks to Stéphane Carchon-Veyrier and Emilie Dias for such wonderful fun and wonderful reception.
Photos Guillaumette Duplaix — with Emilie Dias at Musée du cirque et de l'illusion,  Dampierre-en-Burly, Center of France.

The magic begins from here....

 Emilie is trying to teamed this little naughty beast

 oh... this one...
how lion looks at her.....
 here's the magic.... little baby lion
2 months old, sweet, wild, munching on everything that's around, big eyes - the one who can take all your love
 coucou, little one :-))))
let's talk or play

 yes.... biting.... little painful... but sweet :-))))
baby lion really liked it... he even has his eyes closed.... so much pleasure ;-))))))

 shhhhhhh little one
no more munching :-)))
 we have to talk, naughty
no more biting :-))))))
I like this photo...
trying to reason... lion just looks at all sparkling this and think about how to get it and chew ;-)))
 ok, big kitty
I'm going to deal with you right now
 big kitten is looking what else he can much down there
 big kitten is looking what else he can much down there
 ok... jump :-)))
there's something else interesting going on
 yes... that's where baby went... new girl :-)))
 Girls and chewing toys - lion's paradise
 Ups!!! this is not a baby lion
it's a SEA LION... and not a baby
just an additional bonus to cuddle with :-)

August 15, 2015

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