\ RUNWAY MAGAZINE ®: December 2010

December 21, 2010


At the 13th Edition of Le Bal de Paris famous social Parisian event Paris Fashion Academy presented 2 fashion young designers. This even was under high patronage of Frederic Mitterrand, French Minister of Culture.
The special guests of this evening: Thierry Mariani – Transport Deputy Minister, Patrick Poivre d'Arvor – French TV journalist, Marisa Berenson – French actress, Yamina Benguigui – French Algerian film director, Robert Hossein – French film actor director and writer, Jean-Daniek Lorieux – one of the top fashion and cinema photographers and Marc Rougemond – Editor-in-Chief of Prestige International magazine.

Paris Fashion Academy presented young fashion designers : Ade Bakare (London) and Inesa Parfenii (Paris). I'd like to mention 3d participant - fashion group of designers MEM couture from Slovenia, who were not able to participate this year but certainly has all our compliments and credits for their extraordinary spectacular achievement in fashion - metamorphoses from Venetian street scene into a revolutionary opera performance.
Inesa Parfenii is young fashion designer, artistic make-up and hair stylist, originally from Moldova, now working and exploring her creativity in Paris. She graduated from the Academy of Arts (Moldova), Mod'Art and Pigier-Creations (France) for fashion degree. She participated at the L'Oreal Academy in Paris as a fashion designer and hair stylist in 2009. She won Hairworld contest in Paris in 2010. Her collections “Lofty Style of Grand Muse” is artistic view of street fashion. Graphically attached details in strong colors, sexy see trough gowns, black and golden little dresses and half-cut shiny trousers – a good finding for the Ready-to-Wear Parisian collection. I'd gladly admit a very good beginning in the street design fixed with two very important guiding lines – comfort and elegance.

The Ade Bakare Couture London Label set up in 1991 with assistance of the Prince Youth Business Trust (PBYT) foundation. The showroom opened in 1997 was a big success and immediately put Ade Bakare on the international Haute Couture market: America, France, Italy, Germany, Africa and the Caribbean Islands. Some of Awards Ade Bakare has been honored: Outstanding Success in the British Fashion Industry (Integral Communications) London, England 2000 Fashion Designer of thee Year, Black Business Initiative (BBI) Scheme, London, England 2005; Best Nigerian International Designer City people Fashion and Style Award, Lagos, Nigeria 2007; and Now Golden Award of Paris Fashion Academy 2010, Paris, France. The Ade Bakare label has been featured in the Times, The Telegraph, Vogue magazine, Vanity Fair etc.
The presented collection of Ade Bakare at Paris Fashion Academy fashion show is diffusion of classical dresses and national African colors. He features lots of designs with long sleeves and embroidery details, and in true Ade Bakare fashion, quite a number of sweep coats. His colorful pieces have an ethnic touch printed on velvet, natural silk such as French dupion, georgette, chiffons, duchess satins, lace which Add Bakare has become known for. The Ade Bakare Couture label is aimed at the sophisticated woman who likes to appear glamorous at all times. His designs capture the true spirit of the feminine form and are designed in a modern way, always surprising.

MEM couture is group of fashion designers: Eric Maj Potocnik and Matjaz Plosinjak. Over the last few years MEM couture has become one of the most recognizable names of Slovenian fashion. MEM couture creates the forms from dramatic surrealistic grotesque of Venetian costumes accessorized with everything from magnifying glasses - via revolutionary digital technologies, conjuring up a magical scenario on a laser-lit runway, upon which floating bubbles descended and then—poof!—evaporated into vapor. It created a dreamy parallel world for one of unique collections: a show poignantly evoking the era when the heroines of silent movies were facing their career demise. The new collection is a fashion vision of the Opera.
One of the first ones MEM couture decided to show their collection in 3D technology on-line. You can see their spectacular fashion with 3D glasses now on-line.
Paris Fashion Academy is gladly presents every year kaleidoscope of new talents and great names of the fashion future. I'm always satisfied with these great foundings.

3D IMAGES. For the best effect use 3D glasses and clink on the picture to magnify.

27 November. Venetian ball in Grand Hotel

The Work of the Holy Angels (L’Oeuvre des Saints Anges) is celebrating its 166th anniversary. For this wonderful occasion friends of this foundation cared for many years by Baroness Saint Didier.
Certainly it's the one of the greatest occasions in Paris to gather with friends being dressed up in wonderful costumes of past centuries. Wonderful voyage in time. My costume was chosen by my dear friends Thierry Prouvost - Renaissance XV Flanders and Burgundy.
We are all looking for new occasion in January – the Imperial Ball.