June 20, 2016

Digital Fine Art by Guillaumette Duplaix in new issue of RUNWAY MAGAZINE 2016

Digital Fine Art by Guillaumette Duplaix
in new issue of RUNWAY MAGAZINE 2016
Digital Art of RUNWAY MAGAZINE Executive Director presented by 
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RUNWAY MAGAZINE - Grimoire Issue 2016

Ones upon a time in the kingdom of Fashion ... 
Discover sorcery of fashion and Haute Couture in new issue GRIMOIRE of

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Digital Fine Art by Guillaumette Duplaix
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Sue Wong
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Julien Fournie
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Serkan Cura
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Magic story by Antonio Mora
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Magic story by Asya Kozina
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Magic story by Caterina Crepax
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Magic story by Catrin Welz-Stein
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Magic story by Colin Anderson
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Magic story by Esmod
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Magic story by Flavia Raddavero
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Magic story by Francesco Vincenti
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Magic story about La Jolla Intrnational Fashion Film Festival
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Magic story by Herman Van Gestel
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Magic story by Stephane Halleux
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Magic story by Thierry Prouvost
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Magic story by Wayne Wright
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Magic story by Viktorija Pashuta
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Underwater Dreams by Arie Toet and Yann Schuyers
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June 13, 2016

La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 2016

La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival is world's largest gathering of fashion filmmakers dominates the fashion industry scene as the leading international marketplace for fashion film.

La Jolla will once again will be the market maker for distribution deals, director representation, and fashion film production houses.

Hundreds of fashion filmmakers from around the world will be in attendance, packing a theater of 500 seats to be enthralled by the top 1% of fashion films produced worldwide at the upcoming 7th year of LJIFFF.

From our neighbors in Hollywood to the fashion capitals of the world, we will come together once again to network, make deals, attend seminars & panels, screen films, go to press receptions, participate in After Parties, and win awards. The films that make it into the final program will represent some of the most brilliant and creative directors in filmmaking today. Curated from the dynamic and the exploding world of fashion film, are a glimpse of what’s trending in the minds of the world’s top fashion houses, designers, and stylists interpreted through the lens of their filmmaking counterparts.

“From now on the brilliant work done by makeup artists, hairstylists, art directors, editors, musicians, wardrobe stylists, writers, and others will have the opportunity to win awards. These awards are for the best in the world and cut across national boundaries and cultures. Thanks to the global reach of LJIFFF everyone is included no matter where on earth they live or work stated.” – Festival Producer Fred Sweet.

This year, and it warms my heart, there are two Haute Couture houses very dear to me, based in Paris presented their films for nominations. And personally me I hope they'll have it all :-).

RUNWAY MAGAZINE for several years working in partnership with this great festival who supports creativity and fashion in cinematography - the treasures we appreciate the most.

As one of the oldest Jury member - true global representation for excellence, and Media Partner of La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival I'd like to share my opinion about THE BEST films presented this year in different nominations.
I'm offering my opinion... and only wish that Jury fellows will be agree with me.

Made On Earth | Fashion Film by GREY MAGAZINE | starring Beatrix Ost 

"Life is really like a river, it's always moving and there is always something unforeseeable, something you are not expecting." - Beatrix Ost.
Direction and Realization: Silvia Morani and Valentina Ilardi Martin. Featuring Beatrix Ost and her granddaughters Viva and AVA. Clothes by Chanel, Prada, Hermès, Phillip Lim, Vera Wang, Coach, Babyghost. Hair and make up: Allie Smith. Music by Michael Dragovic. Editing: Silvia Morani. Color Grading: Ludovico Bettarello. Official Selection of La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival.


Esther Dorhout Mees inspired by birds and their way, fly patterns, habits and customs. The contact lens specialists Saton Optics created a "bird-eyes" looks on the catwalk.

Amor Fati

The Good Italian 2

Starring: Giancarlo Giannini - Miriam Galanti


My greatest pleasure to see this short film made by Oscar Carvallo - Haute Couture fashion house based in Paris.


Sophie a Story of Discovery
An amazing story about COLOR.


Welcome to Pony Play
Fashion Film by Horse Magazine Nº 5

Dream Machine /Vogue Korea x Swarovski

Denim Craft / Cohen & Sons

Cohen & Sons is revitalization of a heritage brand founded in 1947. Two years ago the original founder’s grandson Zach, aimed to bring the family brand back to life. Cohen & Sons manufactures quality traditional selvedge denim jeans right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.



Peregrín's first beauty film is “Efímera" (Ephemeral), a personal project about the unknown and the imperfect beauty and a wonderful reflection on the passing of time, a metaphor of the ephemeral nature of beauty and life.


"Myth" is a revisionism about the myth of the "Ten commandments" whose iconic strength mixes the Christian view with the one of the Maya culture.

Premier Paradis
by JULIEN FOURNIE fashion house

Every season, before our Haute Couture show takes place, we have a photo shooting session as a preview of the collection for the press.
This season, for this Couture collection to be shown at Oratoire du Louvre in Paris.