February 25, 2017

Best moments of Haute Couture fashion week : Jean Paul Gaultier

Fashion show Jean Paul Gaultier excite moments with Runway Magazine.

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February 17, 2017

Best moments of Haute Couture fashion week : afternoon with Franck Sorbier and Isabelle Tartiere-Sorbier

It was pure joy and ultimate pleasure to spent an afternoon with great French couturier Franck Sorbier and Isabelle Tartiere-Sorbier.
FRANCK SORBIER Grand Couturier and Master of art, dream poet, demanding researcher.
In 2004 the Ministry of Culture named him Knight of Arts and Letters.
In 2005 he was awarded the Grand Couturier by the Ministry of Industry. At the same time, he received a recognition from all European lace-makers for his work as a goldsmith on lace.
In 2010, the Ministry of Culture and Communication appointed him Master of Art.

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Editor-in-Chief of Runway Magazine Eleonora de Gray, Executive Editor Guillaumette Duplaix, Isabelle Tartiere-Sorbier and Franck Sorbier

Runway-Magazine-Franck-Sorbier-Eleonora-de-Gray-2017-Haute Couture-Interview-Isabelle Tartiere-Guillaumette-Duplaix-Cover-story
Curious Star of Franck Sorbier

Tons and tons of kisses.....

When a dream is turning into art..... with Franck Sorbier, Eleonora de Gray and cameraman Laurent Lo.

That very moment.........

February 8, 2017

RUNWAY MAGAZINE Bag : Cultivate an elegant mind

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