\ RUNWAY MAGAZINE ®: December 2015

December 3, 2015

Media Group ELEONORA DE GRAY 5 years of development

We are celebrating today 5 YEARS of Media Group ELEONORA DE GRAY,
5 years of development,
5 years of hard work, great tries, great failures and glory - achievements,
5 years of innovations in media and publishing.

On this photo: Jean Paul Guerlain - great perfumer of our time, Karl Lagerfeld, Maye Musk - top model and mother of founder of Paypal Elon Musk, Jean Paul Cauvin - CEO Julien Fournie.

Our most popular products:
RUNWAY FRANCE - an exceptional luxury magazine showcasing creative spirit, cutting-edge fashion and maintaining a timeless elegance.
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People who support our magazine.
On this photo: Kenzo, Mila Jovovich, Julien Fournie, Karl Lagerfeld.

But we are not just a magazine, in 2016 we are starting production of accessories and clothes line (class 25), we are planning to create a media platform uniting many services (class 38), our video series RUNWAY MAGAZINE soon will be available on DVD (class 41).

PODIUM TV is a program about fashion weeks from Paris, New York, Milan, London; also special reportage from fashion events, short fashion films – making off fashion editorials. Each year we produce 25 episodes.

DeGRAY TV is an interviewing program with the stories of people like Jean Paul Guerlain with the story of perfume and Rose. In this program we also propose the episodes with Galas and Events like “Cercle Privee” by Chanel, fashion films of fashion houses “made in Paris”.

We produce 2 programs with regular episodes about fashion, shows, events, exclusive interviews with fashion icons like Karl Lagerfels, Jean Paul Guerlain and many others.
We broadcast on 40 TV channels in USA in partnership with Dish Network. 
We've seen by 300 millions.
We are in partnership with 2 fashion festivals in USA:
La Jola International fashion film festival where houses like Chanel, Cartier, Gucci, Nina Ricci participate with their fashion films; Women Fashion Film Festival in New York.

PARIS FASHION AWARD - annual ceremony presenting new emerging designers to Parisian market.