RUNWAY MAGAZINE Official services :

RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® produced by Media Group ELEONORA DE GRAY.  MEDIA GROUP ELEONORA DE GRAY specializes on branding, marketing, strategy, image consulting, and media production. One of worldwide known commercial products is Runway Magazine designed to show and distribute most unique pieces, savoir-fair and expertise.

Runway Magazine

Our services :

Marketing :
Social Media
VIP / Celibrities

Branding :
Brand identity
Product strategy
Buying strategy
Commercial strategy

Media Production :
Team Management
Pre / Post production
Image production

We are leaders :

Media Support

We propose tailored packages: publication in RUNWAY MAGAZINE, participation in talk show, communication on social media networks, marketing on RUNWAY Bag.


Marketing Consulting Branding
Analyse of the market, branding, marketing model development, image consulting and development, color consulting and development is included in many packages.

– Support in creation of identification of the brand;

– Targeting market;

– Positioning on the market;

– Branding;

– Personalized marketing strategy of the brand;

– Promotion strategy;

– Business goals development;

– Product development;

– Market analysis;

– Color Product Development;

– Broadcast Messages;

– Presentations;

– Strategy of a hierarchical communication;

– Communications Objectives;

– Showcase of success on local and international media;

– Strategy on social media network;

– Development weakness into strength;

– Communications Objectives;

– Presentations.

Image Consulting

We are creating new image for your brand, with strong visual on the market, “out of the box” concept. Market today demands breaking rules, strong positioning of the brand. We are creating it for you.

Photo and Video Production

In our disposition great team of top fashion and events photographers. We propose special shootings or media cover corporative events.

We produce RUNWAY MAGAZINE talk show, broadcast on 40 TV channels with DISH NETWORK. We have seen by millions. 20 talk shows each year. We propose participation in the one of the episodes or special episode. about a company or product.

Press Kit

For information about RUNWAY services and media support, editorial, advertising, endorsements, video episodes, fashion shows and events, Marketing Packages for your company or your products please email us.