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August 15, 2015

Business way with Mademoiselle de Gray

Managing partners:
Eleonora de Gray - Chief Executive Officer
Guillaumette Duplaix - Executive Director, Director of Production

We propose services and products on cross market:
Support of your product on market, consulting, creative strategies, promotion, development of product, project management, planning and market analysis, operations management, business expansion, launch of new lines of business, presentations, branding;
Media support: we are publishing magazines in Europe, USA and Latin America. We can offer you boost of your product in our Runway Magazine France, Podium or luxury book Mademoiselle de Gray; or in our video episodes with broadcast on 40 TV channels in USA with Dish Network;
Support of you product in printing materials: catalogs, promotional campaigns, shootings of your product. We can organize communication in all levels. We also propose manufacturing strategy for quality optimization, ensures on a global production performance, cost Management.
We propose in this department mixed-media artistic creation (digital / Traditional) for your product.
We provide expertise of colors: colors proposal for your product, calibration colors on all media objects, paper, canvas, tables etc.
We offer calibrated printing catalogs, fabric, objects.
All our services are tailored and adaptable for the market you target.  We support you from the beginning and follow you to successful placement on the market.
We are gladly send you more information about any service or product we propose. Please send us request on infodegray@gmail.com.
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