\ RUNWAY MAGAZINE ®: 5 July. Haute Couture Fashion week - first day

July 6, 2010

5 July. Haute Couture Fashion week - first day

C'est parti...
Haute Couture Fashion week Fall-Winter 2010-2011 (5-8 July)!
Exiting isn't it?! :-))))
First day 5 July.
I went to the fashion show of Jeremy Bueno in absolutely chicy-choking place 5 stars Hotel Bristol.
Collection "Sweet dreams" is about romantic dreams. "Guardians of Dreams" - beautiful ladies in see-trough long dresses at the crossroads of the day and night are floating from roads of imagination to the gates of the dreams.
Morphologist Jeremy keeps this sexual image of woman for years simply because this is secret of pure femininity.
What else, dear ladies, we need for our happiness?
Just espresso with George Clooney :-)

What else? Not only espresso! :-))
Fashion exhibition in Gallery Adler "BE CYCLE&FASHION" just in front of Bristol. Fancy! :-))) If you have to ride you have to ride in style. In past we had cabriolets or Ferraries - now it's time for bicycles :-). Behave! :-))))

And "cherry on top" of the first day - Haute couture collection of Carven in gallery of Didier Ludot.
Late drink in garden with cherries was so refreshing for tired fashion crowd from first day of marathon.
Keep going, darlings :-))))