June 19, 2010

RUNWAY Vincent Mazzotta aka Vincent Midnight - fetish oriented blogger

Vincent Midnight aka Vincent Midnight, owner of the blog www.runwaylive.com - fetish, sado-masochist oriented online media, received CASE AND DESIST from WIPO and USPTO trademark registration offices on using the name RUNWAY / RUNWAY MAGAZINE at the end of 2015, after several attempts to register his trademarks. 
He illegally continues use the name RUNWAY / RUNWAY MAGAZINE on public, and regularly publishes disinformation about real RUNWAY MAGAZINE. 
Eleonora de Gray never worked for this blog or any division of this blog. 

He has no legal rights on the name use. Anyone acting with him or on his behalf in USA or Europe is committing Trademark fraud, and will be prosecuted in the full extent of WIPO law. 

This document is available to public on WIPO and USPTO official web-sites for the trademark registered at the end of 2013 on the name of Runway Beauty / Vincent Mazzotta.



Legal note

Media Group ELEONORA DE GRAY use RUNWAY / RUNWAY MAGAZINE name on public since 1995.
Media Group ELEONORA DE GRAY registered trademarks since 2013:

4044982 ® Runway Magazine 
4238028 ® RUNWAY
4240206 ® Runway Magazine 
4044984 ® Runway Magazine France 
4044985 ® Runway France