November 3, 2010

22 October. Night of rising stars in Cercle de L'Union Interallier

Parisian life is always about the balls. 22nd October Cercle de L'Union Interallier – the most closed club in France, ones again opened the doors for the guests of spectacular Gala-Ball «NIGHT OF RISING STARS».
This Ball was under Patronage of Empress Farah Diba Pahlavi, and in the presence of Monseigneur the Count of Paris, Duke of France, Madame the Countess of Paris, Duchess of France, with the support of Leslie Caron, Hubert de Givenchy and Sarah Marshall.
This event, a fusion of luxury, was created to preserve the notion of great French elegance and grace - young international talents of theater and fashion. Indeed the dinner was very enjoyable. During we had wonderful ballet – performance of German troupe “Salon K” and fashion show of young designer Claudine Ivari.

The ballet story was like always love-story about men and women, gift wrapped in leather belts and collars on mysterious almost nicked personages inspired by “Leonardo da Vinci Code” movie. Well, it made me feel that it was all about domination but yet, the amazing choreography covered it all in candy's red elegance and rose petals of imagination. Indeed truly unique performance was quiet extraordinary for this place – medieval love story in XVIIth century Venician halls.

Fashion show of Claudine Ivari brought us from Medieval time to beginning of XIX century with their feminine marinas pantaloons and hats, very classy evening gowns. Red, black and white – 3 colors of destiny, 3 lines of beauty and elegance, 3 images of desirable woman.
And in the end was the charity – auction for benefit the Association Echange (equi-therapy for children who are handicapped or who have been abandoned by their parents). Indeed I enjoyed the dinner so much, being at the table surrounded by Count and Countess of Paris, Duke and Duchess of France, in such honorable company, being pleased by wonderful dinner and surprising shows.
This very pleasurable ball was presented by Richard Finell d'Auxois, headed by Herta Bourely and Hubert de Moussac.

Photographer Arman Molavi

October 10, 2010

6 October. Fashion shows of Elie Saab and Paul&Joe.

Last day of the Fashion week – two shadows of 70s today.

The last day of fashion week. Nothing could surprise all fashion public – we've seen so many different collections and have been impressed by be-hatted and be-veiled the beguiling creatures of Galliano, by gothic irresistible strength in leather-leopard collection of Givenchy, by romantic woman of Valentino, by Royal creativity of new collection of Alexander McQueen (continued by Sarah Burton), by modern class of Hermes, and still we have one more amazement to see – New collection of the most Parisian Lebanese designer Elie Saab.
He's called the good-luck charm of the stars by American press – Halle Berry received her Oscar in one of his dresses. There's many names: Megan Fox (in the slate grey ruched gown) Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Diane Kruger, Rachel McAdams, Blake Lively, Cheryl Cole, Helen Mirren, Emily Blunt, Fan Bingbing, Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Mendes, Angelina Jolie, Amber Heard, Dakota Fanning, Michelle Yeoh, Beyonce Knowles and Aishwarya Rai.
This collection is new view on 70s. Elie Saab called it “delight of 70s”. The smiles of Bianca, Diane and Lauren are inspiration for new collection. Elie Saab has a clear recollection of them, their hair cascading elegantly over impeccable clothes, their youth seemingly eternal. Their unnerving beauty and slightly provocative charm informs the grace of a dove-gray jumpsuit, the lightness of finely pleated georgette, the femininity of a nip-waisted peach dress punctuated with a jeweled belt. That how designer sees Hollywood stars in red carpet today. Elie Saab designs for the most fashionable crowd of the jet set, mingling with rock stars, actors, artists and writers. His world where glamour and elegance marked every appearance, even in Ready-to-Wear gowns.

After “Red Carpet” collection I went to see my last show for this season – street chic collection of Paul&Joe. I love differences. I love to mix impression after Chanel show with feelings of Gibaud, Elie Saab with Paul&Joe.
New collection designed for elegant woman who knows how to relax. Her wardrobe follows couture codes, in the neo-boho world that harks back to Formentera and 70s. The woman of Sophie Albou – designer of Paul&Joe is woman of today, paradox loving, looking for dynamic but sensitive, determined but fragile dreamer. Sophie brought from 70s romance and freshness, she said that the modern woman should lose her romantic and fragile side. Probably that why Kate Hudson is the general inspiration for the designer. “She's just like this summery collection. She's sparkling and distinguished and would be a perfect icon of today!”
On the verge of her 15th anniversary, Sophie Albou explained that she wanted to include everything she loves: color, freshness, and prints. And that should stand her in good stead when she finally opens in New York. She already opened shop recently in Los Angeles, and while her brand of bohemia is parisienne, these flippy printed minidresses, shrunken bombers, embroidered peasant blouses, and fluttery maxi well do a business on the West Coast.
Happy expressions in every piece of the collection. Sophie Albou explained that the huge orb at the opening of the runway was meant to be the sun. Kudos to her for bringing light and warmth to the collection. Flirty spring and romantic summer – the general idea of the collection. Bright sunny colors like tangerine and sunflower yellow were used on halterneck jumpsuits, and leather button-down dresses. A greetings card style image of kittens was used as a print on jackets, shorts and dresses and an overblown floral print looked fresh and lovely on a full-length dress.
I had a comparison for this loving sunny brand and personal affection to Sophie Albou – sunny designer of the season.
I love happy endings :-)...