\ RUNWAY MAGAZINE ®: Maison d'Object. Floating Japanese Gardens

September 11, 2015

Maison d'Object. Floating Japanese Gardens

The most wonderful moment of Maison d'object - yearly exhibition of interior design - The Magic Japanese Floating garden brought to us from Tokyo Japan by TeanLab Inc.
The magic was real: imagine, in front of you is a jungle of flowers... you step and flowers start to flow up... letting you in. You step again and flowers behind you are floating down creating a wall... hiding you in this magical Orchidaceae jungle.
It was very touching... very romantic moment... but nothing is more magical then to be inside and plunging into colors and aromas...
The magic was real... and I left Floating garden tearing and full of emotions....
Unbelievable experience.
400 people of tech studio in Tokyo in Japan created this magic .
TeamLab Inc. 

Please see it on their web-site