August 26, 2014

RUNWAY MAGAZINE public legal note

Eleonora de Gray – CEO / Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE known on international market for producing High Fashion Luxury RUNWAY MAGAZINE since 1995 decided to bring certain matters to public attention.

We would like to state: Eleonora de Gray remains as actual owner of RUNWAY / RUNWAY MAGAZINE. We would like to let you know that any company or individual who'll present themselves like RUNWAY MAGAZINE USA / RUNWAY FRANCE / RUNWAY MAGAZINE FRANCE / RUNWAY / RUNWAY MAGAZINE – are simply one of these companies who commit the fraud against RUNWAY MAGAZINE trademarks.

We would like ones and for all to clarify the situation about trademarks RUNWAY / RUNWAY MAGAZINE and bring attention of public to the fact that THE ONLY OWNER OF RUNWAY MAGAZINE worldwide is Media Group Eleonora de Gray. Public use of the name since 1995.


RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® is ultimate luxury magazine, known worldwide, published annually by Media Group ELEONORA DE GRAY. RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® is originally an American magazine, started as newspaper in 1995, from 2010 became an ultimate luxury magazine, 300 pages luxury editions produced and published in USA and France.

RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® is a magazine of expertise about Haute Couture, Fashion Designers, Fashion Photography, Savoir-Faire, Fashion Design, Artists and Art in Fashion, Cinema about Fashion, Gourmand Fashion Experience, Exquisite Production from different industries linked to Fashion.

Magazine presented and supported by Karl Lagerfeld, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Kenzo, Mila Jovovich, Claudia Cardinale and many other fashion designers and actors at different fashion and cinema events.

RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® featured in several movies and TV series.

Digitally RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® distributed as Fashion News web-site, RUNWAY News-Paper distributed in format of Nook by Barnes & Noble, Kobo by Fnac and other online platforms, and as an Application available on Google Play and Itunes.

Media Group Eleonora de Gray is American-French Publisher of internationally known High Fashion luxury RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® since 1995. Company based in France since 2010. Offices in USA located in New York and Hollywood, Los Angeles. Office (Headquarters) located in Paris, France. Managing partners: Eleonora de Gray – CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Guillaumette Duplaix – Executive Director. Trademarks registered in Europe.

Eleonora de Gray is French-American Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of internationally known High Fashion Runway Magazine, Producer and Director of video episodes about fashion weeks in Paris, New York and Milan, host of Runway Magazine talk show with exclusive interviews, broadcast on 40 TV channels in USA with Dish Network.
She started her career in fashion more than 20 years ago as model, became known by Nivea and many other commercials.

Today in partnership with one of the top color specialist in France Guillaumette Duplaix, who’s known by her expertise and work with Chanel, Hermes and many other fashion houses, Eleonora de Gray created a company, media group with creative solutions in publishing,  outstanding solutions “out of the box” for branding, marketing strategy, fashion expertise, promotion, online media solutions and consulting. Company launched new line of fashion accessoires : shopping bags, handbags.

James Buccelli's scam about RUNWAY MAGAZINE

In 2012 Eleonora de Gray has been contacted by James Anthony Buccelli from California who introduced himself as owner and publisher of Runway Magazine in USA and proposed cooperation and partnership. She accepted this proposition without knowledge that she got involved in scam. Later she discovered a legal issue between James Buccelli and Vincent Mazzotta (aka Vincent Midnight): James Buccelli started to use Runway Magazine name on public (facebook) as his blog / online media from 2008, Vincent Midnight was also interested to use this name on his online blog and social media, he published few mock up magazines, took few images from James Buccelli facebook page to present as his activities at registration in trademark office in Arizona, to receive registration class as published media. Legal battle between James Buccelli and Vincent Mazzotta (Midnight) after several years ended in favor of James Buccelli. Many materials were taken by Vincent Mazzotta from social media of James Buccelli and for registration of trademarks and James Buccelli proved it in Administrative Court. Vincent Mazzotta was obliged to give to James Buccelli an agreement where he gives his trademark "Runway Magazine" for use to James Buccelli. The agreement signed at the end of 2012. James Buccelli received the rights to register his Runway Magazine trademark in USA. In order to do so he has to prove his business activities under this name.
Apart from activities on social media networks and several parties under name Runway Magazine James Buccelli didn't have any proof of activities. He wanted to register his trademark as printed media. After research he found in New York printed issue of Runway Magazine by Eleonora de Gray and for that reason he proposed a partnership in order to use her production as his own. In his calculation New York and Paris where Eleonora de Gray had her production and business activities were far away from California, so his scam couldn't be discovered easily.

In 2014 Eleonora de Gray decided to stop all partnership with James Anthony Buccelli after discovering many unsolved legal issues, criminal records, and organized illegal activities like selling license of the trademark James Buccelli didn't own to company in Peru, involved companies in felony and fraud in order to receive financial profit from them, selling advertising in non-existed magazine etc., and specially after she discovered that James Buccelli used her production, her printed magazine in trademark registration office to register his own trademarks at the end of 2014.
Calling himself “self-made millionaire” or “oil tycoon” or “agricultural magnate” didn't help James Buccelli to save his reputation or to continue scheme called “RUNWAY MAGAZINE”.
James Buccelli registered his first Runway Magazine trademark in August 2014 by committing trademark fraud - he presented production of Media Group Eleonora de Gray as his own, as proof of activities under name RUNWAY MAGAZINE.
Multiple lawsuits against him in LA Federal Court for identity theft, felony and fraud from companies / people including Media Group Eleonora de Gray made him run from one hotel to another hunted by the police.
In August 2015 James Anthony Buccelli was arrested and procedure against him began. In April of 2016 he received 3 years in Federal Prison of California for identity theft, felony and fraud.
Extract of Federal Court Order:


Vincent Mazzotta's scam about RUNWAY MAGAZINE

Scam-artist Vincent Mazzotta announced publicly on his web-sites and social media networks that he is CEO and Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY. He also published on one of his website that Eleonora de Gray dismissed from "OFFICIAL RUNWAY MAGAZINE ".
Message on web-site created by Vincent Mazzotta issued for disinformation  : “Eleonora DaGrey has been dismissed from RUNWAY's French division due to gross negligence in her contract. Eleonora is not authorized to act in behalf of RUNWAY in anyway. She has no legal rights of the name use. Anyone acting with her to commit Trademark fraud will be prosecuted in the full extent of WIPO law. ” - this message is disinformation, addressed to the owner of multiple RUNWAY trademarks, considered as parasitism, disparagement, denigration, interference against Media Group Eleonora de Gray in France and USA.

Trademarks of Vincent Mazzotta are also registered LATER than trademarks of Eleonora de Gray:
Runway Magazine December 17, 2013. He registered his first RUNWAY trademark in February 2014. And and due to multiple legal issues with American and European companies Vincent Mazzotta's trademark "Runway Magazine" has been CANCELLED internationally and in USA in 2015, and he received CASE AND DESIST from trademark USPTO attorney which confirmed that Vincent Mazzotta has no legal rights to use this name - NOT IN HIS PRODUCTION, NOT IN COMMUNICATION. This document is publicly available on WIPO / USPTO / INPI websites:

Another trademark of Vincent Mazzotta "RUNWAY" has been actually registered October 30, 2013 (at the same time as trademarks of Eleonora de Gray), REFUSED AND BANNED from registration internationally, and has been limited by territory of USA due to another legal issues with European and Asian companies. Today this trademark is also suspended by USPTO trademark office for illegal activities.

Vincent Mazzotta has NO printed magazine, and tries to pass as fashion magazine, using reputation of RUNWAY MAGAZINE produced by Media Group Eleonora de Gray, engaging young celebrities to do the cover shootings in order to keep his on-line media popular.
This online magazine can be printed on demand like any other blog or any other online media from self-made pdf :
No one really sees the content of his on-line editions unless contributors have to buy access online. Buying access could bring a discovery that in fact Vincent Mazzotta PRODUCES A PORNO / FETISH / SADO-MASOCHIST oriented blog / online magazine which distributes application on Google and Itunes. 



Please see more here:

RUNWAY ® MAGAZINE by Vincent Mazzotta aka Vincent Midnight:

Milivoje Batista de Oliveira's scam about RUNWAY MAGAZINE

Special details concerning "temporary contract" between Eleonora de Gray and Vincent Mazzotta:
In 2014 when Eleonora de Gray tried to find any possibilities for business partnership with Vincent Mazzotta and his partners, all proposals for different business models were refused for various reasons. Vincent Mazzotta and his business partners insisted to psychosis to sign any kind of contract with them, assuring in any possible way – that they are here to invest the company.
When the conditions of business partnership was not settled and “potential partners / investors” was insisting to have any contract with Media Group Eleonora de Gray, and reassuring in future great collaboration, the wisest decision was to sign temporary contract for 3 months and continue to discuss any possibilities for doing business together. No one knew that this temporary contract will be used like some sort of game-plan against company of Eleonora de Gray - to take her goodwill and place on the market.
After this contract was signed Vincent Mazzotta and his partners disappeared, giving all further communication to their “partner” in Europe Milivoje Batista de Oliveira from Zurich, Switzerland. But there was no any communication. No single mail or phone call was answered. Milivoje Batista de Oliveira proposed to the team of Media Group of Eleonora de Gray to work for him instead of Eleonora de Gray for higher payment and do magazine with him. He sent industrial spy to collect confidential documents of the company, including clients / partners lists - Emmanuel de Bourboulon. 


Press offices in Paris in May 2014 informed Eleonora de Gray about received emails and phone calls from person who called himself “Editor-in-Chief of Runway France” or “Editor-in-Chief of Runway French edition” Milivoje Batista de Oliveira, who said to them that Eleonora de Gray is fired and no longer work for Runway). And now he's new Editor-in-Chief. How desperate Milivoje Batista de Oliveira was to get to the fashion shows during Haute Couture fashion week in Paris or to get some pieces from press offices in Paris for shootings in non-existing Runway magazine.
After jurisdictional investigation Eleonora de Gray discoverd that Milivoje Batista de Oliveira is an owner of Vodka production company in Zurich, which he started in 2013, and promoting in the market by going from party to party in Zurich, Monaco and Paris with his vodka: LDV 1888, UNITED BRANDS OF SWITZERLAND ( Publicly he called his company in all possible fashion: LDV1888 (so it might sound like it was founded in 1888), or RUNWAY MEDIA NETWORK EUROPE, or RUNWAY FRANCE, or RUNWAY EUROPE.
His company never produced the magazines, or had any connection to media or publishing, or fashion. Couple of iphone videos from Milan catwalks doesn't make someone Editor-in-Chief of fashion magazine. Milivoje Batista de Oliveira produced few bottles of vodka in 1 year apart from different scheme. The main business of his company is multiple schemes: to take advantage of somehow known name, or attempts to take place in the market of one's company by calling to customers and partners with scheme about the owner.

We congratulate all of them for their achievements, and by this greeting to each and every of them we are announcing that RUNWAY MAGAZINE DOESN'T ASSOCIATED WITH:
criminals who convicted for years in Federal Prison for felony and fraud;
scammers and thieves who commit trademark frauds and steal copyrighted materials from different media;
producers of porno / fetish / sado-masochist fashion oriented media;
or any other crooks.


Legal Department

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