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April 30, 2018

The Urban Legend of St Louis

The Urban Legend of St Louis, Missouri is a story of great friendship, great love story. Two flags American and French present great marriage of Captain America and Marianne – symbols of strength, protection, humanity, liberty and reason.

Be part of this great love story.  LOCAL AMBITION is a modeling reality series like no other! It combines elements of reality shows and soap operas to create one of the most unique viewing experiences you’ve ever seen.

The Urban Legend of St Louis by RUNWAY MAGAZINE

LOCAL AMBITION reality show and RUNWAY MAGAZINE media present :

Eleven women have been chosen as contestants in the country’s newest reality modeling competition – LOCAL AMBITION.  The cast thinks that posing is the only thing they have to worry about – but they’re wrong.  Alliances will be formed; rivalries will develop; and the cast will have to question who they can trust.  Last year’s winner, Nikki Serenity, has returned to Local Ambition to serve as the show’s host, but not everyone is happy to see her.  Chelsi, her former cast mate, has come back and feels that she is “The Face of LOCAL AMBITION” and deserves to be the host more than Nikki – and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants.  RUNWAY MAGAZINE girl – Jaclyn keeps her position strong and has everything to win this time. She has become a spokesmodel for Runway Magazine and is doing whatever she can to show the world what she’s made of.
Stay tuned and watch new exiting episodes and how story unfolds for young models in St Louis, Missouri.

The Urban Legend of St Louis by RUNWAY MAGAZINE

RUNWAY MAGAZINE spokesmodel Jaclyn :

Jaclyn is a determined career woman who gets what she wants – at any cost. She has accomplished a lot in her life. Jaclyn is a gold medalist figure skater, she’s been skating for 26 years. At 28 years old, Jaclyn is married, owns her own home decor business and event planning company, has a college degree, and a black belt in taekwondo. Despite all of these accomplishments and milestones, Jaclyn wanted something more.

LOCAL AMBITION seemed like the obvious next step for her. She showed up in January – exuding confidence. The producers were impressed with how she carried herself and she received one of the prestigious eleven cast member spots.

She’s not here to make friends – she’s here to win. Jaclyn has a unique way of dealing with her cast mates and navigating through the competition. Everyone wants to do their best, but to Jaclyn, there’s a lot more to it than that. Building alliances with the right cast members can go a long way in helping someone succeed on Local Ambition. That’s why Jaclyn has “befriended” the show’s resident snitch – Justine. Justine writes down everything she can about everyone in her little red book. She takes this information and reports back to Jaclyn. If you’re going to compete, you need to know as much about your competition as you can.

Jaclyn has a plan to win this year’s season of Local Ambition and she isn’t going to let anyone stand in her way.

Sneak peek from previous episodes :

The Urban Legend of St Louis by RUNWAY MAGAZINE

The Urban Legend of St Louis by RUNWAY MAGAZINE

Stay tuned for the next episodes www.alwayslatetv.com

The Urban Legend of St Louis by RUNWAY MAGAZINE

RUNWAY Hoodie Jaclyn is wearing at the show – is a special hoodie created for her… and for the girls like her. Want to have one?

© Photographer :  Brad Prime


April 2, 2018

Best of Fall Winter 2018 Paris – New York – Milan

Ready-to-wear Fall-Winter 2018-2019 was one of the most exciting season shown for the past 5 years. Designers from New York, Milan and Paris brought on the runways the amazing shows with Formula 1 sport cars, robots, cartoons. See more exciting looks of Fall-Winter 2018-2019  collections from Paris, New York and Milan Fashion Week at www.RUNWAYMAGAZINES.com.

Runway Magazine Fall Winter 2018-2019

Runway Magazine Fall Winter 2018-2019

Runway Magazine Fall Winter 2018-2019

Runway Magazine Fall Winter 2018-2019

Runway Magazine Fall Winter 2018-2019

Runway Magazine Fall Winter 2018-2019

November 3, 2017

Runway Magazine Official Party

Runway Magazine held last Thursday, 26 October 2017, official party in Paris together with great artist and creator of cyber-realism Chayan Khoi. We’ve been honored by presents of of the most influential fashion designer in Paris – artistic director of Maison Lesage Hubert Barrere, who creates amazing embroideries  for houses like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Schiaparelli and many others. His  art work in embroideries considered as patrimony of French “Savoir-Faire” . Many young  and talented fashion designers presented their pieces during the evening. One of them Alex Rotin who showed 2 pieces from his last kimono collection.
Many special guests came to the party.  Editors Eleonora de Gray and Guillaumette Duplaix welcomed this evening Secretary of French Ministry of Culture, members of new French Government, Committee Montaigne, famous hair dressers, bloggers, public relations and influencers. We welcomed fashion and artistic crowd this evening at the art gallery on 23 RUE PENTHIEVRE in 8th area of Paris.  More than 450 friends came to join us  this evening at the party.
Official RUNWAY MAGAZINE party dedicated to Teddy Runway – Runway Magazine mascot and fashion influencer  who travels from one New York to Paris and London, from Paris to Mexico, who tells stories about fashion designers, models. See stories of Teddy Runway and all photos from the party here : www.TEDDYRUNWAY.com.
Runway Magazine photographer Flavia Raddavero created photo-studio set for the ones who wanted to take photos with Teddy or just to “try” fashion shoot.

Teddy Runway Magazine Official Party

Teddy Runway Magazine Official Party

Teddy Runway Magazine Official Party
Eleonora de Gray with  Hubert Barrère and Teddy Runway, Runway Abigail and Guillaumette Duplaix

Official Runway Magazine photographer Laurent Lo photo selection

Teddy Runway Magazine Official Party

We would like to thank many photographer who joined us at the party. And specially Jean Marc Cresson , François Viaud , Cedric Dody ChotelRichard Leon Rgus , Pierre Roigt Comwine and Ben Feng El Caminante for taken wonderful photos during the evening.  And thank s to all for making this evening so great and full of joy.

September 1, 2017

RUNWAY MAGAZINE Tote in New York Wonderland


New York every season is a Wonderland where everything is possible, where everything is representing glossy declaration of where you’ve been and what piece of luxury you’ve got. Happy funny silhouettes of elegant and amusing Alices chasing White Rabbits, trying Cube-Hats, and playing with flamingos is one part of this world. 
And in each RUNWAY MAGAZINE tote is a story. This story is about Alice, who’s loving coffee at Tiffany’s, shopping on Fifth Avenue, pearls and lots of small things. She brings with her what she sees and loves. Everything she loves is IN and ON her shopping bag. 
“The shopping bag isn’t just utilitarian, it’s symbolic of taste, preferences, and pursuits,” as Maggie Lange pointed in her famous article THE CUT dedicated to shopping and tote bags. That is why design of the shopping bags or leather totes might be more important than ever before. RUNWAY MAGAZINE tote reflects the imagery and feel of the brand, represents High Fashion, and feeling of this great creative world. It is timeless wardrobe essential. 
Let’s find beautiful places and magic in New York to carry in RUNWAY MAGAZINE bag.







June 20, 2017

Runway Magazine Capsule Collection – Fabulous Addition to Your Look

Runway Magazine Capsule Collection.  

Claudia Cardinale said YES.

Runway Magazine Capsule Collection designed for young fashionistas, who like photographic iconic images, who love ethnic, chic and simplicity, who embrace intellectual potential in their everyday style, who can complete their classic fabulous look, or women who love stylish ultra-fashion accessoires, who are not afraid of new tendances.
Claudia Cardinale who graced the poster of 70th Cannes Film Festival presented Runway Magazine Capsule Collection during the Festival.
Get your fancy addition to your fabulous look in our online store.


We propose you 5 bags to complete your glorious look.  Allow yourself to be fabulous.

Bag “Bo-Ho”



Bag “Parisian”



Bag “New Yorker”



Bag “Milan”



Bag “All Stars”





© Official Runway Magazine
Photo Flavia Raddavero
Style Odette W.
Hollywood Model Anna Vallefuoco

RUNWAY MAGAZINE : Exclusive Interview with Claudia Cadinale


“Je suis un vrai garçon manqué, boisterous and saucy girl. I fight with all boys. I always proved I’m stronger than them.” Claudia Cardinale, great Italien star of 60s and 70s, muse of Visconti and Fellini, graced poster of 70th Cannes Film Festival.
This year she didn’t wanted to talk about her private life or retouched poster, so we were the lucky ones (together with 4 others) to have a great chance and short moment with her.

Official photographer / cameraman Laurent Lo

Runway Magazine Headquarters

Runway Magazine Headquarters moved to 1ere district of Paris, 23/25 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau.



Our office located 2 min from Place Vendome, Rue Saint Honore, Rue de Rivoli. Our neighbors : La Comedie Francaise, Musee du Louvre, Les Halles.


And just next door headquarters of Christian Louboutin.



Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo… And the Magic begins…..